Why choose me?

Choosing an expert that you know will do what you ask them to do, that is reliable and trustworthy is never an easy choice. And whether you are looking for someone to help your business and/or you personally I believe you should consider several key points.

  • a) Do they have the right qualifications?
    I am fully trained and qualified as Business Coach, Life Coach and NLP Practitioner.
  • b) Are they certified in what they do?
    I am an accredited member, assessed on a yearly basis in terms of both knowledge update and practice, of the ICF (International Coaching Federation) and the IAC (International Association for Coaching)
  • c) Do they have the right expertise?
    In my various professional trainings and continuous professional updates I have been trained in dealing with all possible situations that a business or life coach could come across. In addition, during nearly 30 years of practical experience I have come across and had to deal with all sorts of different individuals and situations that have helped me to develop an expertise in almost anything that a business or an individual could encounter.
  • d) Do they have the right experience?
    I have a 30+ years of experience in dealing with people which has involved training, mentoring and coaching. I have a 25+ years experience as both an entrepreneur and a business coach.
  • e) Can they help "me"/"my business"?
    My services, whether for business coaching or life/NLP coaching are always tailor made; and that is for the simple reason that every individual is different and every business is also different. So my support will always be what is best for you/your business.

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